Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the date to address further about the hospitality businesses to reopen safely.

As we all know the past year was a huge disaster for the hospitality businesses as they were not allowed to serve the services to their customers in order to maintain the safety guidelines, which destroyed the constant progress of the restaurants.

For this long, the Kitchen Extractor Fan was closed until further notice from the government but the wait is now going to be over in one week as Prime Minister is going to announce the roadmap for the Restaurants to reopen. They are planning to lift the lockdown and making sure that this lockdown should be the last one, said by some reputable news websites.

In the time of the pandemic, Restaurants have learned to stay calm in a hard time and obey the rules applied by the government to ensure the safety of the local community. After the Primer Minister announcement, at least the restaurants will get the instruction which they can follow and work again to serve food without any misunderstanding.

This is a very precious time while having ease from the busy days and has time to set your commercial kitchen before getting busy again. As the restaurant’s commercial kitchen hasn’t operated for a long time, it needs to be repaired or maintained properly before re-using because after getting operational there will be no time to repair them later on.

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