Is it worth, not doing maintenance of the kitchen extractor fan after long use? The answer is no, as we all know the machinery we use to ease our daily life works, require maintenance to work properly after running all day long. Kitchens are always at a high risk of working with non-cleaning equipment. All of the Restaurants have their own Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan fitted in the cooking area, functionality is the same as the home kitchen extractor fan. It is installed to help the restaurant workforce and easily remove the heat or steam from the cooking area.


The Functionality & purpose of the extractor fan is very simple as it is installed to improve the atmosphere of the kitchen and restaurant and to work without any danger with the gas appliances. Filters of the fan are installed to reduce the grease deposition made by the smoke of oil making food or cooking the different food. It is important to clean the duct by a professional to make it work properly in the future and avoid the risk of getting into any mishaps.

Before cleaning the extractor fan, you need to know more about the steps to follow to get proper productivity. Its depend on the number of working hours of the restaurants, most of the extractor fan must be cleaned once in a year to avoid any fire risk but with the high use of a fan, the grease will infect the fan badly so, in that case, the extractor fan needs to be maintained every month by professional engineers.

Use warm water for the cleaning and suitable detergents which can help you remove the grease from the duct of the extractor fan. Cleaning the extractor system by yourself, make sure to check it is completely off and disconnected from the electricity. The filters are replaceable you can easily take them out and clean with hot water and detergent. Note some of the extractor fans contain charcoal filters and they should be changed after every 6 months.

When to Schedule Maintenance of Commercial Kitchen?

While planning to hire a professional engineer for your Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan for the monthly maintenance, it is necessary to find a highly experienced team and leave all the hassle on their hands. The maintenance should be scheduled after every busy month of the restaurant to avoid any obstruction while serving the customers.


The Fan Fixers team is always on your back to make sure your kitchen fan working properly and ready to deliver high-quality fan repairing services anytime in a difficult or tough situation. You can easily book an engineer online or by calling us on 0203 794 4259 in an emergency condition and get commercial fan repair services.

Hire A Professional Engineer Online

Working with a professional is always a good idea to get the best & most reliable Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Repair services for your business as our professional engineers had experienced serving 20 years to the London Restaurants and well know with all the troubles that might hurt your running business.


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